FGP – With Vertimag vertical storage systems, innovation translates into increased productivity.
Improved management of space, faster and more efficient picking and order preparation, continuous traceability of all operations: this is how Vertimag's automation has improved FGP's logistics and taken advantage of the incentives provided for in the government's Industry 4.0 plan

Sector: Orthopedic products for rehabilitation
Location: Verona - Italy

FGP is a company located in Verona which manufactures specific orthopedic products for the rehabilitation and recovery of motor functions. FGP is an expression of completely Italian know-how. Over the years it has always adapted to new technologies making its products from start to finish, that is, from design to manufacturing. To do this, FGP always puts research first, continuously comparing and contrasting with modern orthopedic science and the most advanced physiotherapy practices.

Technology and innovation at the heart of its business processes
One characteristic that distinguishes FGP is the constant improvement of processes and products so as to always guarantee cutting-edge solutions for the health and well-being of its customers. With this in mind, the Verona-based company has decided to undertake significant investments in technological innovation applied to all business sectors. First of all, the warehouse, a critical area for both production and shipment.


To improve the logistics system, FGP chose to focus on automation and relied on the experience of the Ferretto Group to identify the most appropriate solution to manage components, semi-finished and finished products. Thus the Ferretto Group designed and installed 2 Vertimag vertical storage systems each equipped with 2 opposite bays. This solution made it possible to increase performance and productivity and to optimize the available space: making the most of the height, the systems guarantee a useful storage area of 257 m2 with a footprint of just 38 m2.

With the goal of making picking operations more efficient, both Vertimag systems were equipped with one external bay in which the picking is managed by an anthropomorphic robot, and a single internal bay, where operators carry out the picking. The picking and placing operations are made easier and faster thanks to an alphanumeric LED bar and a laser pointer: during order preparation, these devices indicate the exact product to be picked, thus significantly improving accuracy.

Overall, the system designed and manufactured by the Ferretto Group has enabled FGP to fully achieve its objectives of technological modernization, thereby accelerating both the activities related to production and those related to order fulfilment. All this taking advantage of the tax incentive provided for investments falling under the "Industry 4.0" plan.

  • Increase the level of technologies applied to logistics
  • Reorganize and optimize the storage space for components, semi-finished and finished products
  • Improve the management of components for the production process.
  • Optimize inventory control and related inflows and outflows
  • Reduce errors
  • Increase order preparation speed
  • No. 2 Vertimag 84xL300 vertical automatic storage systems with opposite bays
  • Single internal bay for manual picking and placing operations.
  • Single external bay with picking and placing operations carried out by an anthropomorphic robot
  • Management software interconnected to the company ERP according to Industry 4.0 standards
Value added:
  • Better management of space, making the most of the height and providing a storage area of 257 m2 with a footprint of just 38 m2
  • Technological modernization achieved through the automation of processes
  • Greater speed in retrieval of items and order preparation, thanks to the accessories supplied (laser pointer and alphanumeric LED bar)
  • Continuous traceability of all operations and inventory thanks to the management software, developed entirely in-house by the Ferretto Group, which is directly connected to the corporate ERP
The storage system in figures: No. 2 Vertimag 84xL300 with external bay opposite a single internal bay
Vertical storage system height
5,461 mm
External dimensions (D x W)
4,134 mm x 4,755 mm
Tray dimensions (D x W)
840 mm x 4,250 mm
Total number of trays
36 per machine
Total storage area
128.52 m² per machine
Storage volume
19.28 m³ per machine
Storage system footprint
19.0 m² per machine

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