Fonderie Sime - The vertical lift module Vertimag for a 4.0 logistics reorganization
Fonderie Sime invests in Industry 4.0 technology and the Ferretto Group's automatic vertical storage system interconnects all departments while ensuring better management of after sales services.

Client: Fonderie Sime
Sector: Boiler manufacturer
Location: Legnago (Verona) - Italy

Located in Legnago, in the province of Verona, Fonderia Sime has been a leading manufacturer of boilers for civil use since 1972, responding to climatization needs through a certified industrial organization which regulates all product and services innovation processes with respect for both the environment and people. The company markets its products through a widespread network of resellers distributed throughout Italy. 


In order to better serve its sales network, Sime decided to take a significant step forward in its logistics structure and in the management and preparation of orders. In fact, Sime invested in automation by taking advantage of the tax incentives provided for by the Industry 4.0 plan so as to revolutionize the management of the spare parts stock for the after sale market.

Thus Sime chose the Vertimag vertical storage system for its logistical reorganization, shifting from the traditional management of goods on static shelves to fully automated storage and handling. In addition to space optimization - Vertimag provides 128 square meters of storage space with a 14 square meter footprint - the added value of the Ferretto Group solution includes the proprietary software that communicates directly with the corporate ERP: this enables real-time monitoring and management of inventory and a significant reduction in errors. Picking and placing operations are facilitated by the laser pointer and the alphanumeric LED bar: these two important accessories increase the efficiency of the Vertimag vertical storage system by clearly indicating the exact location of the item to be picked or placed, which results in simple, precise and quick order preparation. Additionally, the Ergo-Tech bay ensures optimal ergonomic conditions for operators, even in the case of intensive picking.

Vertimag allowed Sime to optimize warehouse space, reduce order preparation time, and improve the traceability of goods. All this while taking advantage of the tax incentive for investments falling under the "Industry 4.0" plan.

  • Reorganize and optimize storage space for after-sales spare parts
  • Improve inventory management by increasing controls on products and related inbound and outbound flows
  • Reduce errors
  • Speed up order preparation to better support the reseller network
  • 1 Vertimag - vertical lift module - 84XL550
  • Ergo-Tech picking bay to ensure perfect ergonomics during picking and placing activities
  • Management software interconnected with the corporate ERP from an Industry 4.0 standpoint
Added value:
  • The transition from static shelving to a Vertimag automatic storage system has optimized the management of space, making the most of the available height and providing a usable storage area of 128 square meters with a footprint of just 14 square meters
  • Thanks to the Ergo-Tech bay, optimal working conditions are guaranteed for operators, even in the case of intensive picking
  • The accessories supplied (laser pointer and alphanumeric LED bar) speed up order preparation
  • The management software, developed in-house by the Ferretto Group, ensures real-time and continuous traceability of the entire stock thanks to its interconnection with the corporate ERP
The storage systems in figures:
Total height of the vertical storage system
7,461 mm
External dimensions (D x W)
3,091 mm x 4,755 mm
Tray dimensions (D x W)
840 mm x 4,250 mm
Load capacity of trays
550 kg
Total number of trays
Total storage area
128.52 square meters
Useful storage volume
38.56 cubic meters
Storage system footprint
14.7 square meters

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