Gi.Di. Meccanica invests in Industry 4.0 to reorganize its warehouse
The leading Treviso-based manufacturer of levers and mechanisms for sports shoes and complex mechanical parts for the most varied sectors (automotive, hydraulic etc.) has decided to switch to an automatic solution for the storage of both raw materials and finished products. With the Ferretto Group's self-supporting storage system Gi.Di. Meccanica has modernized its production process: among other things, this innovative solution has made it possible to optimize space and to improve order preparation and inventory management.

Client: Gi.Di. Meccanica

Sector: Mechanics - Manufacturer of high precision mechanical components and mechanisms

Location: Vazzola (Treviso) - Italy

A leader in the production of mechanical components
The history of Gi.Di. Meccanica began in Vazzola - province of Treviso - in the 1980s. In the heart of the footwear industrial district, the company produced mechanical components for sports shoes and quickly became a leader in the supply of hooks for ski boots. The range of products has been expanded over the years and today, with a turnover of €45 million and 240 employees, Gi.Di Meccanica produces complex mechanisms for many product sectors such as the automotive, hydraulic and oil-pressure sectors, and sells its mechanical components in many of the most important markets in Europe, South America, and Asia.



Aware of the vital importance of innovating both products and processes, Gi.Di. Meccanica has always invested in new technologies. This inclination has led the company to transform its entire logistics system, switching from traditional static racking to an automated solution for the management of its warehouse. The goal was to improve and modernize both order management and the entire production process.

The Ferretto Group understood and met Gi.Di. Meccanica's needs in full. Thus, the Treviso-based company asked the Group to design and build an automatic self-supporting system suited to store both the raw materials for the production department and the finished products ready for shipment. Both flows - raw materials and finished products - are managed through independent inputs and outputs. Process automation has significantly improved inventory management and order preparation. The picking and placing activities, conducted with the support of 3 stacker cranes, have also optimized space management: Gi.Di. Meccanica has been able to reorganize the materials in an orderly and traceable way, making handling faster and safer for both operators and goods.

  • Improve the management of the warehouse space
  • Speed up the preparation and shipping of orders
  • Improve inventory management and reduce errors
  • Self-supporting automatic storage system for the management of both the raw materials and semi-finished products for production and the finished products to be shipped
  • Pallets are picked and placed by means of 3 stacker cranes, 2 of which have forks for semi-finished and finished products and 1 is supported by a shuttle for raw materials
  • Seismic-resistant multi-depth shelving developed on 17 load levels for semi-finished and finished products and 9 levels for raw materials
  • The pallets of semi-finished and finished products coming from production are conveyed to the stacker cranes by means of a shuttle moving linearly
  • The flows of raw materials are managed with independent inputs and outputs. Unit loads are constituted by iron coils with different diameters and a maximum weight of 4,500 kg, moved inside the warehouse with a twin-column stacker crane supported by a heavy-duty shuttle
Technical features:
  • The storage system was designed with 9 skylights operated electronically and pneumatically to enable natural ventilation and provide an outlet for fumes in case of fire
  • The structure includes a lifeline to be used by the operator for work and maintenance operations on the roof
Added value:
  • Optimization of warehouse space
  • Modernization of the production process
  • Miglioramento e velocizzazione nella preparazione degli ordini
  • Better inventory management
  • Reduction of errors in the preparation of orders
The storage systems in figures:
Total surface:
1,326 m2
Unit loads:
Euro pallet: 800mm x 1200mm x H = 1000mm or 820mm - Max capacity 966 + 4,508 ULs Type 1 metal boxes: 820mm x 520mm x H = 580mm - Max capacity 10,948 ULs
Type 2 metal boxes: 800mm x 720mm x H = 640mm - Max capacity 8,211 ULs Raw material coil container: 1,850mm x 1,500mm x H = 1,700mm - Max capacity 1,008 ULs
Storage system height:
23.30 m
Load levels:
17 (semi-finished and finished products) + 9 (raw materials)
Type and number of stacker cranes:
no. 3 stacker cranes, 2 of which have forks and 1 is supported by a heavy-duty shuttle.

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