Vertimag and Gianvito Rossi: a storage surface of 460 m2 in just 52 m2

Sector: footwear production
Location:  Forlì Cesena

Gianvito Rossi is an important footwear manufacturer based in the Forlì Cesena province, which since 2006 has been working with a focus on quality, made in Italy and sustainability. After its official debut in 2007, with the Spring/Summer collection, the brand has grown and built a name on the international markets in just a few years, closing 2022 with a turnover of 98.7 million euro, with an increase of 35% compared to 2021 and of 5% compared to the results achieved in 2019, before the pandemic.


Today Gianvito Rossi has 32 flagship stores, 20 corners and 10 shop-in-shops, but with the new openings the company’s goal is for the flagship stores to become about 40. The brand’s growth and success on the international footwear markets, however, have led the company to focus also on the production department and understand that a reorganization project and better management of spaces and materials were needed. 

Gianvito Rossi asked Ferretto Group’s support to meet their new production needs, reorganize the layout of the production department and streamline the production process. The Vicenza-based group, a leader in the field of material storage and handling, has thus guided the footwear manufacturer through the logistics automation and modernization process.
Operations were organized in two steps: the first 2 Vertimag automatic vertical storage systems were installed in 2022 and the third one was installed in 2023, which confirms that this type of system is fully compatible with the needs of the footwear industry. Thanks to their flexibility and vertical extension, the three Vertimag systems occupy a total surface area of 52.2 sqm while providing a total storage area of more than 450 sqm.
In addition to optimizing space and significantly improving the organization of the stored materials, the Vertimag units also had a positive impact on Gianvito Rossi’s production times and capacity.


While offering all the advantages of automation, the Vertimag systems are also equipped with several accessories that can significantly improve efficiency and working conditions. Raw materials picking operations are now faster and more accurate.
Thanks to the sliding console, operators always have the panel PC nearby to guide them during the component picking process.
The 2D QR code reader scans the components’ codes, thus reducing errors.
Finally, thanks to the Ergo-Tech bay staff can benefit from optimal and ergonomic working conditions even during intensive picking activities.

  • Support the growth of the company by reorganizing space in the production department
  • Improve inventory management by increasing checks on products and the related inbound and outbound flows
  • Reduce errors
  • Speed up order preparation, in order to provide optimum support for the retail network
  • 3 Vertimag automatic vertical storage systems
  • Single internal bay
  • A sliding console for easier picking procedures and faster order preparation
  • Machine management software interconnected with the company’s ERP system, as part of an Industry 4.0 approach
Value added:
  • Better space management, making the most of the height in the storage area
  • Faster order preparation thanks to the accessories provided (sliding console and QR code reader)
  • Fewer errors
  • Real-time stock management
  • Protection of goods
  • Process innovation
The storage system in figures:
N.3 103XL800 - Single internal bay
External dimensions (D x W):
3.661mm x 4.752mm
Tray dimensions (D x W):
1.030mm x 4.250mm
Tray capacity:
800 kg
Total number of trays:
Total shelving surface area:
459.63 m2
Surface area occupied by the storage system:

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