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Final customer sector: Production, fabrication and selling of automatic multi-spindle lathes.

Place: Czech Republic

11 vertical storage systems to automate the warehouse
Ferretto Group, in partnership with Kredit, consolidate its presence in Czech Republic by establishing 7 new vertical storage systems, as an extension of the existing solutions, for a prominent international reality that produces and sells automatic multi-spindle lathe


  • Reducing the occupied space by making good use of height and the available empty space.
  • Optimize the user’s performance.
  • Reducing mistakes in the making of the orders.
  • Improve the picking efficiency.
  • First order of 3 Vertimag of 10,5 m height.
  • Second order of 1 Vertimag of 10,5 m height.
  • Third and last order: N. 5 Vertimag EF of 12 m height for a new division N. 2 Vertimag EF of 11,3 m height to establish together with the previous ones.
Technical features
  • Drawers of 750/800kg burden in order to increase the loading capacity.
  • Through the use of the bay with carousel, a Ferretto Group exclusive system, it is guaranteed a perfect ergonomics and the best performance thanks to the drawer in waiting mode.
  • The flows and movements are real-time updated since all the machines are connected to the Company’s ERP.
Added value:
  • Warehouse automation.
  • High storage capacity.
  • Different departments’ management.
  • Full integration with the Company’s ERP.
  • Total control of materials and reduction of stocks.
  • Significant reduction of the time spent on preparing lists.
  • Improve the global efficiency.
Storage system facts and figures:
N. of installations
Vertimag machines
10.5 / 11,3 / 12
N. of drawers/h x Vertimag
Drawers dimensions
810/840 mm x 4220/4250 mm
Drawers loading capacity
Number of drawers
660 totali
single internal bay and bay with carousel
Total shelves surface
1230,55 sq.m. + 1071
2.301,55 sq.m.

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