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Location:Brescia - Italy

Lic Packaging: a self-supporting storage system to update and modernize logistics

The automatic solution designed and constructed by Ferretto Group has allowed Lic Packaging to optimize storage space for its finished products and reduce logistics costs thanks to the unified management of the entire warehouse.

Lic Packaging, a leading Italian company controlled by an international group, produces solutions for direct packaging and transport packagingas well as customized solutions for retail commerce and exhibitions.
A substantial increase in orders and the need to centralize the entire logistics system in a single plant, eliminating rental costs for external storage space, led the company to adopt an automatic pallet storage system for finished products.


To meet these needs, the Ferretto Group designed and built a self-supporting automatic pallet storage system connected to the production and shipping departments, which can manage both standard product lines and customized orders.
A lift conveys pallets of different dimensions and weights coming from production to a Fast Ring monorail shuttle circuit, which in turn takes the load unitsto the storage system. The same shuttle ring follows the reverse path to pick up theoutgoing pallets ready to be shipped. The shuttle circuit is overhead, thus optimizing the transit of vehicles.
Finally, the plant's efficiency is maximized thanks to the stacker cranes that pick up two pallets at a time from a channel, thus reliably speeding up order management and preparation activities.
Thanks to this solution, Lic Packaging stores its material in a single facility, improving inventory and just-in-time order management.

  • Increase storage capacity as a result of an increase in orders
  • Centralize logistics activities in a single production site
  • Self-supporting automatic pallet storage system connected to the production and shipping departments
  • No. 4 forklift stacker cranes that can pick up 2 pallets simultaneously
  • Double depth racking built on 16 load levels
  • Circuit composed of 7 shuttles on a Fast Ring monorail, operating overhead so as not to hinder the transit of vehicles
Technical details:
  • In order to maximize the potential of the plant and guarantee the level of performance agreed upon with the customer, the storage system was equipped with a type of stacker crane able to pick up 2 pallets simultaneously
Added value:
  • Increased efficiency of logistics activities, thanks to centralized shipments
  • Cost containment resulting from the unified management of logistics within a single facility, eliminating the costs of renting external storage space
The storage systems in figures:
Total area
2,592 m²
Load unit
Euro-pallet 1000 x 1200 x h1300 / 1000 x 1200 x h1800 mm
Total capacity
15,872 pallet spaces
Storage system height
30 meters
Load levels
Stacker crane type and number
4 forklift stacker cranes
7 handling shuttles Fast Ring

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