The Ferretto Group designed and installed a logistics solution consisting of Vertimag automatic vertical storage systems with Flexy pallet shuttles for the leading food distributor
The leading food distributor has revolutionized its logistics with the installation of Vertimag automatic vertical storage systems equipped with Flexy pallet shuttles. Thanks to the new logistics solution, the quality of customer service and internal product management have significantly improved.

Sector: Wholesale food distribution
Place: Oristano - Italy

Fratelli Ibba is part of Abbi Holding and has operated in the wholesale distribution industry for over 60 years. The Group currently has 320 stores in Italy with about 1,200 employees, located in Sardinia, Lazio and Abruzzo.

Logistics, a strategic element in the reorganization of processes
In order to guarantee fast, efficient and accurate customer service, the company decided to change the dry food storage layout with the aim of improving the performance of its internal logistics. Thus, with the support of Massimiliano Manca, consultant and expert in Logistics and Management process analysis, Fratelli Ibba decided to revolutionize its logistics and order management.
The Ferretto Group was chosen as the ideal partner for the implementation of this ambitious plan. Fratelli Ibba thus shifted from a static racking system to a solution comprising automatic storage systems with the purpose of speeding up order fulfilment and improving space and stock management.


After collecting the relevant information during the analysis phase, the Ferretto Group designed two different automatic solutions, customized according to the characteristics of the products to be stored.
The first solution, dedicated to the management of high-turnover pallets, consists of multi-depth pallet racks assisted by a Flexy shuttle. Inbound pallets are handled on roller conveyor systems, picked by operators and introduced in the loading channels by means of the Flexy shuttle. This multi-depth pallet storage system can manage about 2,400 pallet spaces with 4 Flexy shuttles.
The second solution is geared to the management of class C products, that is, small items with low turnover, and consists of 6 Vertimag automatic vertical storage systems equipped with Ergo-Tech bays. With this exclusive Ferretto Group solution, picking and placing can be always carried out at the same height: operators can thus prepare orders faster and benefit from the advantages offered by an ergonomic workplace.
The storage systems are also equipped with an alphanumeric LED bar: this accessory is essential during the processing of order lists because it helps the operator to quickly identify the product to be picked and eliminates errors.


In the new logistics paradigm, Fratelli Ibba can also count on the Ferretto Group's WMS software that is easily integrated with the corporate ERP. The in-out data transfer is continuous and guaranteed throughout the process, in line with Industry 4.0 standards.

The automatic solutions designed and constructed by the Ferretto Group have enabled Abbi Holding to recover unused space and efficiently reorganize both the storage of products and the fulfillment of orders.
The 6 Vertimag vertical storage systems make the best use of all the available height: inside the machines there are in fact 1,680 m2 of useful storage space, with a total footprint of just 104 m2.
The automation of processes has also enabled the company to optimize order preparation, ensuring greater customer satisfaction while reducing errors and controlling inventory in real time.

  • Reorganize the logistics structure by optimizing picking and facilitating order fulfillment
  • Increase storage capacity
  • Improve productivity
  • Strengthen service to the points of sale
  • 6 Vertimag automatic vertical storage systems with Ergo-Tech bays
  • WMS management software developed in-house by the Ferretto Group and interconnected to the corporate ERP
  • Multi-depth pallet racking with seismic-resistant structure made up of 3 load levels
  • 4 Flexy pallet shuttles to transport the pallets into the loading channels
Value added:
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Faster order preparation
  • Improved stock management
  • Increased protection of goods
  • Enhanced interface between logistics and other corporate departments
  • Process innovation
The storage system in figures:
Storage system height: 7861 mm
External dimensions (DxW): 3,661 mm x 4,752 mm
Tray dimensions (DxW): 1,030 mm x 4,250 mm
Tray capacity: 550 kg
Total number of trays: 384
Total shelf area: 1,680 m2
Total footprint: 104 m2
The storage system in figures: Multi-depth seismic-resistant pallet rack
No. 4 Flexy pallets shuttles
Load levels:
2 + ground level
Unit load:
Europallet 800 mm x 1,200
Storage capacity:
2,400 pallets

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