MTM Hydro - With the Vertimag vertical storage systems, the company improves the storage of production materials

Sector: Components and accessories for car washes
Location: Cuneo

MTM Hydro is a company located in the province of Cuneo that has been designing and manufacturing components and accessories for pressure washers and car washes for over 30 years.
Over time, thanks to continuous commitment to research and major investments in new technologies, it has expanded its product range, designing and manufacturing complementary machines for car washes and service stations, such as vacuum cleaners, mat cleaners, tyre inflators and roll dispensers.

Corporate processes based on technology and innovation
With a view to continuous improvement, the company decided to increase its investments in technological innovation involving all departments. First and foremost, the production material warehouse, where MTM has reorganised space according to the type of UL to be managed: in order to improve order, cleanliness and safety, the area dedicated to bulky material, which is placed on pallet racking, has been separated from the area where small parts and medium-sized components are stored.


To improve the efficiency of its logistics processes, MTM chose to manage the storage of small and medium-sized components automatically, using 4 Vertimag vertical storage systems. This solution has allowed the company to increase performance and productivity while maximizing the storage space: by making the most of the available height, the storage systems provide a storage area of 805 m2 in just 70 m2. This new approach has also increased the safety of operators by reducing their movements within the warehouse. All the machines are provided with the Ergo-Tech bay, which ensures ergonomic working conditions at all times as well as easier, more comfortable and precise picking. A laser pointer, which shows the component to be picked by means of a light indicator, facilitates operations even further, reducing the risk of errors.

All in all, the solution designed and implemented by Ferretto Group has allowed MTM Hydro to fully achieve its technological upgrading objectives: activities related to production have been accelerated; space management has been improved together with product and operator safety. All this has been possible thanks to the tax credit granted to Italian companies for investments made under the “Industry 4.0” framework.

  • Increasing the use of state-of-the art technology in the production material warehouse
  • Reorganizing and optimizing the storage space for small and medium-sized components
  • Improving the management of production materials and components
  • Optimizing inventory control and the related inbound and outbound flows
  • Reducing errors
  • Speeding up component picking operations to improve productivity
  • 4 Vertimag 103XL800 vertical automatic storage systems
  • Storage systems equipped with Ergo-Tech picking bay for increased ergonomics in material picking and placing activities
  • Laser pointer to reduce picking errors
  • Machine management software interconnected to the company’s ERP in line with the Industry 4.0 approach
  • The customer chose to follow the corporate image guidelines, decorating the machines with graphics in line with the company's brand identity
Value added:
  • Better space management, exploiting the available height so as to provide a storage area of 805 m2 while the Vertimag occupies just 70 m2
  • Technological upgrading achieved through process automation
  • Increased speed in the management of production material
  • Continuous traceability of handling operations and stock thanks to the management software designed and developed in-house by Ferretto Group, which is directly connected to the company’s ERP
The storage system in figures:
4 Vertimag 103XL 800 with Ergo-Tech Bay
Vertical storage system overall height
7,861 mm
Tray dimensions (D x W)
1,030 mm x 4,250 mm
Total number of trays
46 per machine
Total shelving surface area
201.37 m² per machine
Storage volume
49.33 m³ per machine
Surface area occupied by the storage system
17.40 m² per machine

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