Number 1

Sector: integrated logistics, specialising in groceries

Place: Verona - Italy

Ferretto Group has supplied the earthquake-resistant industrial racking at the new Number 1 Logistics hub
Number 1 Logistics, leading Italian company in integrated logistics for consumer goods, has relied on the experience of Ferretto Group for the design and construction of the industrial racking at its new hub in Isola Rizza (Verona).


  • Optimise pallet storage by adapting the racking to the different unit load sizes.
  • Ensure maximum efficiency in the material identification and picking operations, reducing picking times and therefore costs.
  • Achieve maximum storage volume and versatility of use.
  • APR12 earthquake resistant racking with load levels at different heights depending on the needs of customers served.
  • Design and installation completed in just two months, to meet the customer's requirements.
  • Picking at ground level with order pickers, on other levels by retractable forklifts.
Technical details:
  • Unit loads: europallets up to 1,000kg.
  • High underpass bays constructed using sigma beams so as to guarantee maximum safety inside the structure.
  • 22,800 load units stored at room temperature and in a temperature-controlled cool room at 18°C.
Added value:
  • The structure, made up of an earthquake-resistant APR12 racking system, has been designed to optimise space usage and storage capacity, thus achieving the goals defined during the co-design stage with the customer.
  • Design and installation were completed and optimised based on the specific material handling needs.
Storage system facts and figures:
Pallet storage places
Pallet storage places in a cool room at a controlled temperature of 18°C
Frames manufactured
Beams manufactured
Sigma beams for underpasses
Processed steel

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