Order, tried and tested procedures, precision for Neri Venezia thanks to the vertical carousel Eurot

Company: Calzaturificio Neri
Location: Fiesso d'Artico (VE)

The Ferretto Group automatic solutions met the needs of Neri Venezia, one of the most prestigious shoemakers on the market. The three Eurot storage systems, perfectly integrated with the company operating systems, made it possible to optimize the use of space while at the same time ensuring a more streamlined, precise, and tidy work process.


Neri Venezia is a historic shoemaker established in 1953 in Fiesso d'Artico, a town in the Metropolitan City of Venice. Since 2005 the company has been making shoes for prestigious international luxury brands. With 100 employees and a turnover of around €40 million, it produces about 300,000 pairs of shoes per year, roughly 1,500 per day.

Neri Venezia has always believed in the continuous improvement and evolution of processes. For this reason, faced with the need to reorganize production, the company turned to the Ferretto Group. The goal? Adopt new generation storage systems for the management of shoe lasts, the starting point of shoe manufacturing.

In particular, the shoe manufacturer needed to better reorganize the space used for the lasts, which, stored inside metal bins, required a large area. The Ferretto Group assisted the company in choosing the best solution for the space problem. Through sector specific consultation, the Ferretto Group identified the Eurot rotating vertical storage system as the most suitable solution to recover a significant amount of space to be allocated to other production activities. In addition to ensuring better organization and management of the lasts, Eurot allows the company to achieve even greater order and cleanliness in its production department. Even normal activities like accessing the lasts have improved significantly: Thanks to this new automatic storage system, operators are able to access the lasts in a more precise, simpler, and faster manner.

The storage system management software, developed in-house by the Ferretto Group, communicates very fluidly with all corporate systems. This makes the organization easier both for the operator who uses it and for the programmer adding new models to be manufactured.

  • Reorganize the space used for the storage of shoe lasts in the production department
  • Review processes to make them leaner, smoother, and faster
  • Three vertical carousel Eurot
  • Warehouse management software developed in-house by the Ferretto Group and interconnected with the company ERP
Value added:
  • Better organization of space in the production department
  • Improved order and cleanliness
  • Greater speed in accessing the lasts needed
The storage system in figures:
Storage system height
3,600 mm
Total rotating shelves
Total storage capacity
21.39 m²
Storage system footprint
3,52 m²
Vertical carousel Eurot

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