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Polytec Group

Sector: Production of plastic components

Place: Putte - The Netherlands

Ferretto Group’s multiple solutions for the space optimization
The Polytec Group, a leading developer and manufacturer company of plastic components, chooses Ferretto Group to redesign their incoming goods warehouse in Putte, The Netherlands.



  • Optimizing the management of the logistics area
  • Manage the storage of load units that come in different sizes
  • Creating a better flow in picking activities
  • A GL8 mezzanine to exploit the available height above the existing office
  • Pallet racking rationalization to increase the storage capacity
  • Cantifer cantilever racking with intermediate supports to stock pallets in various sizes
Technical details:
  • Storage system served by manned pickers and forklift
Added value:
  • More rational and functional organization of the warehouse thanks to the integration of multiple solutions and to their modularity
  • Optimization of the picking activities in accordance with the production
The storage system in figures:
Available Area:
2,835 square meters
GL8 mezzanine area:
78 square meters
Cantifer cantilever racking:
275mm x 1,500 mm arms
18 single-side columns - 18 double-side columns - 162 arms with intermediate supports
Pallet racking:
Load capacity 1,300 pallets
UL Europallet 1,000x1,200
Load levels:
n. 3

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