Product sector: manufacturer of industrial solutions for sectors such as motion transmission, electromechanical automation, chip removal, and pneumatics.

Location: Vicenza - Italy

Steel Tower - The vertical storage system for bars supplied to Scala Spa

Steel Tower has allowed Scala Spa not only to improve the management of incoming and outgoing goods, but also to optimize operations on its new cutting line.

Scala Spa has been operating in industrial distribution since 1956, with an increasingly broader range of products and services for sectors including motion transmission, electromechanical automation, chip removal and pneumatics.
The goods receiving process, their inspection, storage and shipping to customers are carried out in an integrated warehouse, with the aid of a management system and optical readers for the handling operations.
As a resultof strong growth in the linear guide sector, the company has decided to implement a dedicated solution for cutting bars and sections to measure.
The introduction of the new machine also required adequate infrastructure to feed the cutting line.
To this end, the Ferretto Group has designed and built a Steel Tower vertical storage system for bars and sections intended to optimize preparation, stock control, and environmental safety.
The Steel Tower is 10 m high, has 49 trays with 2,500 kg capacity each, and a storage surface of 200 m2on a footprint of just 40 m2.
The Steel Tower is completed with dedicated management software, also developed by the Ferretto Group, which dialogues with the company’s ERP, to which the data related to the inbound/outbound material is automatically transmitted, so that updated inventory information is always available.
This vertical storage solution designed by the Ferretto Group has improved the management of both inbound and outbound flows and optimized inventory control and use of the warehouse area.
The product supplied has met the customer's expectations: it facilitates operations on the new cutting line while at the same time ensuring safety in the workplace, which is a critical added value given the size of the load units handled.

  • To create a storage solution for a new cutting line
  • To optimize the management of incoming and outgoing material flows
  • To improve inventory control
  • To guarantee the maximum safety in the workplace
  • Steel Tower MBMR 6000 vertical automatic storage system for bars and sections
  • Management software developed and produced by the Ferretto Group and integrated in the company’s ERP
Added value:
  • Better management of incoming and outgoing material flows
  • Reduction of the surface area dedicated to the storage system
  • Optimization of inventory control
  • Increased operator safety thanks to the use of jib crane lifting equipment
The storage systems in figures:
Storage system height
10 m/ 32.8 ft
Number of trays
Tray size
6,284mm x 904mm x 300mm/ 247.4" x 35.59" x 11.8"
Storage surface
200m² / 2,152 ft2
40 m²/ 430 ft2
Vertical lift module for bars Steel Tower

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