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Sector: Electronic

Place: Goa India

Vertimag EF for Siemens Energy Automation – Goa, India 
Siemens Energy Automation Facility in Goa, India, chooses the vertical lift module Vertimag EF to reorganize its management of PCB Components (Printed Circuit Board).

  • Reduce the footprint of the current storage system, making the most of the available heights
  • Improve storage and handling of products
  • Optimize picking times
  • Achieve quicker traceability of parts
  • Optimize stock management
  • 2 automatic vertical storage systems positioned side by side to reduce storage footprint
  • PC with touch screen and WMS designed by Ferretto Group fully integrated with the company ERP
  • Virtual Tray Division Feature for easy part location management
Technical characteristics:
  • 1 meter tray depth, offering more storage space in each tray
  • Variety of parts with small quantities stored in each tray with better traceability and customized stock management
Added value:
  • Reduction of the surface area dedicated to the storage system
  • Optimization of stored volumes
  • Improved goods handling and inventory management
  • Reduction of errors
  • Improved picking efficiency
  • Increased operator safety
The storage system in figures:
Type and number of storage units
2 Vertimag EF
Total height of each vertical storage system
4,345 mm
External dimensions (D x W)
3,674 mm x 4,134 mm
Tray dimensions (D x W)
1,030 mm x 3,650 mm
Total number of trays (2 Machines)
Total surface of trays (2 Machines)
142.86 m2
Useful storage volume (2 Machines)
35.72 m3

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