The Ferretto Group has developed an industry 4.0 storage system for Cartiera Confalone
Cartiera Confalone’s new fully automated logistics hub has been designed and built by Ferretto Group. This new state-of-the-art storage system manages the handling and shipping of finished products.

Product sector:  Tissue products
Location:  Montoro (Avellino - Italy)

Cartiera Confalone is a leading Italian producer of tissue products with more than a century of experience. The pallets of finished product are stored in the new facility in Montoro in the province of Avellino. When Cartiera Confalone contacted the Ferretto Group, it needed to consolidate the storage of finished products in a single logistics hub, so as to eliminate traceability issues, speed up shipping operations, and optimize production and inventory control.


The solution: a self-supporting automatic warehouse

The Ferretto Group met all of these requirements by designing and building a self-supporting automatic storage system that spans an area of 6,800 m2. The storage system is almost 23 m high and has a capacity of 22,320 pallet spaces distributed over 6 multi-depth loading levels. Four battery-powered satellite stacker cranes move the pallets in and out of the system, ensuring the simultaneous management of an inbound flow of 100 pallets and an outbound flow of 100 pallets per hour.

The pallets are conveyed with a roller conveyor system to a circuit of Fast Ring monorail steering shuttles that feed the stacker cranes operating along the aisles of the storage system. The incoming pallets are distributed equally on the 4 stacker cranes to ensure constant availability of material and to obtain maximum flexibility for order preparation activities. The Fast Ring shuttle circuit also manages the unit loads to be shipped, positioning the products on 10 loading bays made up of roller conveyors. Each loading bay is made up of 3 outlets able to accommodate a complete load.

The new storage system fully met the customer's needs by optimizing product management and traceability, reducing running costs, and speeding up the preparation of orders with a view to improving customer service.

  • Centralize warehouse activities in a single logistics hub
  • Improve order preparation
  • Optimize space management and inventory control
  • Self-supporting automatic storage system for pallets linking production and shipping
  • No. 4 battery-powered satellite stacker cranes
  • Multi-depth shelving built on 6 loading levels
  • Fast Ring monorail steering shuttles handling inbound and outbound pallets
Technical characteristics:
  • The smart management of the storage system provides for uniform and homogeneous distribution of unit loads along the aisles, so as to ensure the constant availability of material and guarantee maximum performance levels in the preparation of orders
  • The management software developed in-house by the Ferretto Group allows the optimization of unit loads based on item codes and can prepare the shipments that will take place in coming days in advance
  • Given the type of goods stored, the storage system was designed with an oxygen reduction fire prevention system
Value added:
  • Improved customer service through centralized shipments
  • Optimized inventory management and product traceability
  • Optimized production through the reduction of format changes on production machines
The storage system in figures:
Total surface area:
Anti-seismic self-supporting structure
Unit loads:
Europallet 800 x 1,200 H = 2,800 mm
Total storage capacity:
22,320 pallet spaces
Storage system height:
22.5 m
Loading levels:
Type and number of stacker cranes:
4 battery-powered satellite stacker cranes
Fast Ring monorail steering shuttles

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