Todesco: more order, improved procedures, and increasing accuracy, with Vertimag

Client: Todesco Srl
Sector: Manufacturer of leather tanning and finishing systems
Place: Vicenza - Italy

200 square meters of space saved, faster picking, as well as safer and more accurate order management. By choosing Vertimag, Todesco has revolutionized its logistics system. Thanks to the versatility offered by a range of 120 trays and 6 picking bays, and thanks to the innovative solutions that guarantee ease of use and integration with the company’s CRM, the Ferretto Group's new automatic vertical storage system proves to be the right choice for the storage needs of the most varied sectors.



For over 50 years Todesco has been producing cutting-edge leather tanning and finishing systems for the world market, meeting the needs of the most important car makers and high fashion brands among others. The company has chosen Vertimag to store the components necessary for the assembly of machinery, semi-finished and finished products. By taking advantage of the available height, Vertimag makes it possible to recover a significant amount of space to be used for production while the accessories supplied, such as the laser pointer and the sliding console, speed up picking and placing operations, and reduce picking errors to zero.

The transition from a storage system based on traditional drawers and shelves - with the consequent problems due to a far from perfect rationalization of space and stock management - to the Ferretto Group's automatic system has enabled Todesco to improve the service offered to its customers by optimizing inbound flows and order fulfillment procedures.

  • Reorganize the available storage space
  • Ensure order in the entire warehouse
  • Simplify picking operations
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve the traceability of stock
  • Guarantee that materials are protected and kept clean
  • Automate and upgrade the production process
  • No. 1 VERTIMAG 84 XL800 storage system with Ergo-Tech bay – height 6,861 mm
  • No. 42 840 mm x 4250 mm trays - capacity 800 kg
  • Accessories: laser pointer and sliding console
Added value:
  • Process innovation
  • Optimization of available storage space. Storage footprint reduced by 200 m2, which are now used for production
  • Elimination of errors. Thanks to the laser pointer, operators know exactly which items are to be picked or placed, with a consequent improvement in terms of production efficiency
  • Continuous traceability of handling operations and stock thanks to the connection with the company’s ERP
  • More efficient and quicker order preparation thanks to the sliding console that is always within reach of the operator during picking and placing activities
The storage systems in figures:
Total vertical storage system height
External dimensions (D x W)
3,074 mm x 4,734 mm
Tray dimensions (D x W)
840 mm x 4,250 mm
Load capacity of trays
800 kg
Total number of trays
Total shelf area:
149,94 m²
Useful storage volume
47.19 m³
Storage system footprint
14,55 m²
Vertical lift module Vertimag

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