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Viggianello Fonti del Pollino

Sector: Beverage

Place: Viggianello - Italy

Gravity-fed FIFO store with 2,220 pallet spaces
APR12: Storage system for finish products on pallets coming from production line, carried on the two return roller conveyors before being subsequently divided by sales channel/part number.

  • Optimization and greater control of product flows and storage, essential for managing in/out movements in accordance with the FIFO method
  • Required capacity: 2,220 pallets spaces, with the last load level at a maximum height of 7,300 mm
  • Product loading and unloading using forklift fitted with two sets of forks, able to handle two pallets at a time
  • Earthquake resistant structure
  • Gravity-fed structure comprising sloping rollerways (4%), made using the APR12 and sized for static loads and earthquake-resistant in accordance with EN standards
  • Considering the depth of 30 pallets in each aisle, this is fitted with double divider
  • Supplied with formwork for casting with Emaco underneath each vertical element: elevation surveying of the installation site showed height differences exceeding 9cm, which were managed using this system
  • Specific layout of the end uprights due to requirement to place two pallets at a time
Technical details:
  • A channel was especially designed tha is able to hold 30 pallet spaces, thus ensuring ptimization of available space
Added value:
  • The solutions has brought a drastic reduction in the total space ossupied and optimizes the flow of goods
Storage system facts and figures:
Gravity-fed (FIFO) for 1000kg EUR pallets
Aisles depth
30 pallets
Number of aisles
Load levels
Height of last level

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