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Sector: Food - Sweets

Place: Cremona - Italy

Ferretto Group's automatic storage system for business growth
Witor's, leading Italian manufacturer of chocolate products with international appeal, has chosen Ferretto Group to supply its new self-supporting automatic storage system so as to optimize the updated integrated logistics of the entire plant.

  • Supply an automatic storage system to be located in the new picking/shipping area.
  • Ensure the integration of flows between production and shipping of both the finished product and semi-finished product.
  • Optimize storage according to product seasonality ensuring that production and logistic requirements coincide.
  • Increase shipping performance by reducing wait times and increasing flexibility in fulfilling the numerous shipments due to the growth in the number of customers spread out around the world.
  • Automatic self-supporting storage system connected to production/shipping to support the operations in both areas.
  • Shuttle units to feed the storage and retrieval (S/R) stacker cranes to maximize the potential of the system.
  • Staggered double depth racking.
Technical characteristics:
  • 16°C air conditioned warehouse with special attention to temperature control through adequate insulation.
  • Integrated racking and air conditioning system through careful design.
Added value:
  • The storage system was designed to respond to the growth of the company, ensuring excellent storage and performance capabilities for the foreseeable future.
  • The picking/shipment area was reorganized with traditional racking and an area dedicated to manual palletizing, suitably integrated with a wrapping machine and an input line to feed the automatic storage system.
  • The solution provided meets all customer's seasonal needs despite the particularly high structure.
The warehouse in figures:
Total capacity
Total surface area
Self-supporting storage system height
S/R stacker cranes
Shuttle units to feed the stacker cranes

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