Xpres chooses Ferretto Group automatic storage systems for just in time logistics

Field: Distribution of ICT solutions for the Office market
Location: Rome

In its new logistics hub with 6,000 m² of indoor space in the Province of Rome, the leading distributor of products for the Office market has installed Vertimag automatic vertical storage systems to handle shipping to its retailers quickly and dynamically.
Xpres is a prominent company based in the Province of Rome that has been distributing ICT solutions throughout Italy since 1984, thanks to well-established partnerships with some of the biggest vendors of printers, monitors, laptops and desktop computers.
Changes to the distribution market brought about by the pandemic have led the group – which has approximately 80 members of staff – to focus more on the field of printing, consumables and all related services. It has done so very successfully, as shown by the growth it’s experienced in the last three years.


Following constant growth that helped to establish it as a leading distributor of Office solutions in Central and Southern Italy, Xpres had to step up to the next level in order to provide its customers with an increasingly efficient, fast and flexible service. Therefore, the company embarked on a far-reaching internal transformation process that’s still underway, most notably reorganizing its logistics system in order to achieve an ambitious goal: shipping products to its customers within 24 hours of an order being made. 

In order to cater to its new logistics needs, Xpres called on Ferretto Group to guide it through the process of automating and upgrading its supply chain.
There were two stages in the process, with five Vertimag automatic storage systems being introduced in the first step and another four being added in the second. They occupy a total surface area of 156 m² and provide a total of 1,465 m² of storage space.
Space optimization is not the only benefit: the switch to automation and the flexibility of Vertimag have made logistics management, order preparation and product distribution faster, smarter and more precise.

In addition to the benefits offered by automation with Vertimag, the accessories provided have brought about tangible improvements in the efficiency and working conditions of staff, who can now fulfil orders more quickly and accurately.
Thanks to the sliding console, when they’re picking components they always have a panel PC nearby to guide them.
Meanwhile, the alphanumeric LED bar shows operators exactly which product to take, for guaranteed speed, simplicity and precision in order preparation.
Finally, the choice of an Ergo-Tech bay ensures that Xpres staff can count on optimum, ergonomic working conditions even during intensive picking activities.

  • Support the growth of the company by reorganizing storage space for finished goods
  • Review the management of the entire supply chain, taking into account the new needs associated with just-in-time performance and the extensive customization required by the market
  • Improve inventory management by increasing checks on products and the related inbound and outbound flows
  • Reduce errors
  • Speed up order preparation, in order to provide optimum support for the retail network
  • N. 9 Vertimag automatic vertical storage systems
  • An Ergo-Tech picking bay providing perfect ergonomics for operators picking and placing materials
  • A sliding console and alphanumeric LED bar for easier picking procedures and faster order preparation
  • Machine management software interconnected with the company’s ERP system, as part of an Industry 4.0 approach
Value added:
  • Better space management, making the most of the height in the storage area
  • Faster order preparation thanks to the accessories provided (sliding console and alphanumeric LED bar)
  • Fewer errors
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Protection of goods
  • Process innovation
The storage system in figures:
N. 9 Vertimag 103XL systems with an Ergo-Tech Bay
External dimensions (D x W):
3,661 mm x 4,752 mm
Tray dimensions (D x W):
1,030 mm x 4,250 mm
Tray capacity:
300 kg
Total number of trays:
Total shelving surface area:
1,465 m2
Surface area occupied by the storage system:
156 m2

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