The vertical storage system with an optimal ratio between performance and ergonomics

Vertimag EF is the ideal solution for the storage and management of materials of any shape, weight and size.
The vertical automatic storage system is made up of two sides of racks accommodating metal containers and served by a lift device.
The flexible configuration allows the positioning of drawers at varying heights, depending on the type of load unit to be stored. The Ferretto Group's Ejlog management software optimizes product distribution and handling.
The storage system can be equipped with a further lift underneath the bay inside the structure, a Ferretto Group exclusive solution, which allows the optimization of the flows while always maintaining perfect ergonomics.
The range includes 15 models, each available with 4 different drawer capacities.


  • Decreased footprint up to 90%
  • Ideal for materials of different types, weight and size
  • Elimination of errors
  • Storage control
  • Reduction of risks
  • Ergonomics
  • Improved efficiency
  • Flexible pitch of 25 mm

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