Cantilever racking Cantifer

Robust and versatile racking solution for long items

Cantifer is the ideal industrial racking solution for long and bulky items.
Designed and manufactured in-house, it allows storage on one or both sides of the uprights.
Cantifer is a product created in compliance with UNI 11598:2015, the first and only Italian standard of reference, and with FEM 10.2.09.


Cantilever's industrial metal structure is very simple: it is made up of a series of vertical columns, on which horizontal arms are installed to support load units. As a result of its ability to combine simplicity and resistance, Cantilever is used in many sectors, such as:

  • construction
  • iron and steel industry
  • wood processing
  • marble and stone material

The flexibility of the Cantilever racking system enables the improved management of the space available and meets the varied needs of companies. In fact, the ability to modify the height of the load levels ensures not only the ability to store products with different shapes, weights and sizes, but also to adapt the structure when new needs arise. In this way, Cantilever racking systems are ideal for storing materials such as:

  • bars
  • marble slabs
  • metal sheets
  • wood
  • construction materials and PVC profiles
  • industrial reels and rolls of different materials
  • ability to store long, bulky and irregular load unit
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Easy change of shelf height
  • Available with a full range of sizes and load bearing capacities


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