Mezzanine GL8

Hassle free assembly multilevel modular structure

The mezzanine is an above ground flooring system that increases the storage space of warehouses and premises.
This long-span solution enables the installation of mezzanines with large open spaces free of columns. In fact, the beams are made of 8-fold sigmoid profiles, with thickness that vary depending on the load bearing capacity needed, and are suitable for the installation of pipes, cables and the like. 

The mezzanine, being a load bearing structure, was conceived and designed to meet all static and dynamic requirements that take into account risk factors, including seismic events.

  • Increased useful surface area
  • Can be integrated with other existing storage systems
  • Modularity and adaptability to layout and usage requirements
  • Can be used both as a storage surface and to increase the surface of the area with other objectives such as for the construction of offices

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