Multi-purpose shelving Dimax

The shelving for light and medium loads that enables the easy modification of its configuration

DIMAX is a modular storage system for loads ranging from very lightweight loads for home and office solutions to industrial multi-storey storage solutions and is ideal for every picking need.

This storage system is available in the D10, D20, D30, and D40 models that differ from each other in the type of uprights. DIMAX patented shelves feature a Z-shaped longitudinal section. A wide range of accessories, such as containers, drawer units, partitions, clothes hanger tubes, side panels, rear panels and doors, provide the DIMAX system with great flexibility of use.

  • Storage flexibility
  • Modular configuration, adaptable to the layout and to the type of material to be stored
  • Can be integrated with a complete range of accessories
  • Easy and quick assembly

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