Pallet racking

A complete and versatile racking solution for industrial storage

The Ferretto Group designs and manufactures the APR12 industrial pallet racking system, which, thanks to its structural characteristics, enables the development of the most varied storage solutions.

APR12 is a complete and versatile solution: it is made in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, and is a great solution in any large, medium, or small configuration, always delivering a great cost-to-performance ratio.

APR12 is the basic element used to assemble drive-in, gravity-fed, push-back and flow-rail systems, as well as heavyweight mobile, automatic and self-supporting storage systems.

  • Possibility of direct access to each pallet
  • Can be integrated with other handling and picking solutions
  • System that offers greater flexibility in product management
  • Flexible and modular system, easily adaptable to new needs

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