Multi-depth Drive-In pallet storage with shuttle

It allows great storage depth, possibility of selection by channel and a high flow of material.

Flexy, the shuttle designed and manufactured by the Ferretto Group, is the ideal solution to manage a multi-depth storage system for large quantities of pallets by item with high rotation frequency.
It facilitates the storing, picking and rearranging of pallets in various lanes according to LIFO and, in case of double-access, FIFO principles. The management software designed by the Ferretto Group can be configured to meet customer needs.
The shuttle can be transported on forklift trucks or on LGVs and can be used in automated storage and retrieval systems.
A shuttle equipped with lithium batteries for its operation, Flexy can be guided into drive-in racks via remote control or via WMS management systems.
In addition to the standard version which is ideal for any environment and product sector, the Ferretto Group offers a version of the Flexy shuttle suitable for cold storage operating temperatures up to -30 °C.


  • Scalability: possibility to increase the number of shuttles over time
  • System integrated by means of WMS
  • Diversification: each channel offers the ability to manage a different reference
  • High material flow: each forklift can handle up to 4 shuttles

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