Vertical storage systems

Vertical storage systems for space optimization and improvement of picking and storage operations.

The Vertical Lift module Vertimag and the Vertical carousel Eurot are “goods-to-person” automated storage and retrieval systems that offer many benefits to production, warehouse and distribution centers:

  • Maximize the square footage: by taking advantage of the unused overhead space of the facility, these solutions allow you to store more in less space, avoiding the need for facility expansion and/or relocation project;
  • Improve efficiency in picking and fulfilment: by delivering the required tray or shelf directly to the operator in just few seconds, they eliminate the time spent walking and searching for parts. Operators are more accurate and faster, and the order picking process is optimized;
  • Better traceability and real-time inventory: all picking operations are monitored and documented to offer full traceability of the orders and monitor inventory in real time;
  • Improve workers condition: parts are automatically delivered to the optimum ergonomic retrieval height reducing unnecessary lifting, bending, ladder climbing and walking which expose them to potential injuries.

What is the difference between a Vertical Lift Module and a vertical Carousel?

Vertical Lift module Vertimag  is the ideal solution when:

  • Vertical space of the facility is over 12’/4 meters;
  • Inventory mix changes often and there is a need for a flexible storage solution to easily accommodate the change in quantity and size of the stored parts;
  • Inventory mix requires flexibility: store goods have variable sizes and weight;
  • Picking operation requires integrated lifting assistance;

Vertical carousel Eurot is the ideal solution when:

  • Space and ceiling height are limited and floor ceiling is under 12’/4 meters;
  • Store parts are light and similar in height and dimension;
  • Items don`t require lifting assistance to be safely handled.

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